Brett Naylor - Mandolin, Vocals

January, 1974: Born in Germany to American parents. Claims he has no desire to be president. Hints at a run in '24.

1977-80: Learns to read at an early age and is placed in a music class. Takes a liking to piano but tires of the lessons.

1984-86: Affair with the trumpet brought to an early end by braces. Yesss!

1988-?: Suburban Baltimore. Brett and two friends decide to form a band, Six Feet Over. Had the drummer, (David Bergander currently of Celebration, Television Hill, Arbouretum, etc.) needed a guitarist and a bassist. Who would play which? "The bass has only four strings - that sounds nice and easy!" Brett "loses" and gets the guitar. The band would wait while music lessons enlightened the three fellows. The band still waits.

1988-97: The Good olí Bad olí days. Extensive jamming with Hendrix, Allman Bros., Dead, Pink Floyd in bed/dorm room.

1997: Chicago. Sees Leftover Salmon. Exclaims, "You can do THAT with a mandolin!?!?"

1997-present: Purchases, struggles with, falls in love with, struggles with, purchases another, falls in love with, struggles with...mandolin.

January, 2000: Places music classified ad in Washington DC's City Paper. Call from Eric Starr. And so begins this band.

Influences: Guitar players. Mandolin players. John Paul Jones, Etc.