Fredo Frankly - Piano, Organ, Vocals, Accordion, Bassoon, Trombone, Digeridoo, Acoustic Rhythm Guitar, Triangle, Roland MC-505 Groovebox, Farfisa


a.k.a. Frederick Learns, joecacti, Fred Miller, Francis Farley, Groovebox (c. 1998)

Fred (joecacti is his avatar name: fmiller2304 was already taken) has been involved in multiple projects throughout the years including, accompanying Andi Balloun on From Fran's Furnace , and as a member of ubiquitone . Joecacti's first album, under the title ubiquitone: including was his original funkambient soulpop electronica release, composed mostly on the Roland MC-505 groovebox.

You can find all of this stuff by browsing through the ubiquitone productions pages, there's a whole treasure trove of music from Buffalo Hazard, Andi Balloun, and joecacti himself.

Other projects include Blacksburg Virginia's finest blues revue: Eight to the Bar, and the Powers P. Whiskey Band (a.k.a. Softshoe Hoodlums; Hi Victor!). joecacti has also performed with The Ordinary Way and the Plaid Iguana Project with singer-songwriter Rick Kline and Washington D.C. guitar legend Karl Kushner.

joecacti is currently re-tooling with some gems:

  • Cowboy Blues
  • Owner-Operator
  • Stephanie Lloyd
  • People Get Ready (Curtis Mayfield classic)
  • Two Sides (to Every Woman)
  • Kinosha (Oakley/Miller collaboration)
  • Omelettes (based on the Absurd theatre of Ionesco)
  • Heart of Gold (or something like that, I have to find the original chords first...)
  • Venetian Boat Song (Felix Mendelssohn Op. 30, No. 6.)
  • PC Pro Am, see below

joecacti says there's going to be a new release after some real good thunderstorms. He says he's got some real gems laying about and he gave me a sample. It's called RC Pro Am and it's about a silly game. And tomatoes. One thing he mentioned was multimedia. He said he wants to make the beltway into a racetrack, and you get points for getting to work faster. Anyhoo, here's the stuff:

  • RC Pro Am - MP3

  • QuitMeter Counter courtesy of

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    10/13/00 Zig's Bar Alexandra, VA C 1 disc
    5/26/01 Clifford Park Amherst, VA D 1 disc
    6/9/01 Spring Fling Victor, WV   1 disc
    4/13/02 SSDD Terra Alta, WV   1 disc
    4/19/02 Rhodeside Grill Arlington, VA   2 discs?
    5/4/02 Spring Fling Kirkersville, OH   2 discs
    7/6/02 State Theatre Falls Church, VA   1 disc
    8/29/02 Rhodeside Grill Arlington, VA   2 discs
    9/12/02 Velvet Lounge Washington, DC   2 discs

    I want:

    2/23/02 Dr. Dremo's Arlington, VA    
    3/23/02 SSDD Terra Alta, WV    
    6/5/02 8 x 10 Baltimore, MD    
    7/19/02 SSDD Terra Alta, WV    
    10/7/02 123 Pleasant Street Morgantown, WV