Rob Wickham aka Dr.Dub - Funk Soul Brother


Born on the bayou in Pascagoula, Mississippi, raised in Reston, VA, Rob found his interest in drumming at an early age by kick'n go-go beats on the lockers, bleachers, and desks of the Fairfax County Public School System. Born into a musical home, his father "The Don" could be heard every night practicing trumpet for his bands, the Hots Ragtime Orchestra, Alte Kamaraden, and the Difficult Run Jazz Band. Not allowing a real drumset into the house, the parents allowed only a 5-piece practice pad kit and a hi-hat. This was not going to do, so for what was a fortune for an 8 year old, Rob saved up $123 and purchased two LP Jr. congas, which have been with him ever since.

Rob left home to attend ODU in Norfolk, VA. During his time there he played with a number of bands including The Haze, and Baba G. After graduating, Rob has traveled extensively, visiting parts of Europe, the Caribbean, Central America, and has just returned from a lap around the continental USA.

In February 2001, Rob was asked to join Ubiquitone. Since then he has had the rare pleasure to travel and play with some of the best musicians he's ever known.

The Doctor plays 4 Congas in a diamond pattern, seated. The set consists of a Conga, a Quinto, and two Jr. congas 9" and 8". A trap stand sits next to him with Chimes, go-go bells, woodblocks, and a tambourine.


Junkyard, Rare Essence, Parliment/Funkadelic, Santana, James Brown, John Bonham, Stuart Copeland, Tim "Herb" Alexander, Neil Pert, Dave Lombardo, Terry Bozzio, Keith Moon, Mitch Mitchell, Buddy Rich, Mike Beale, Seth Mitchell, Kyle Norris, Tony from PitBull, Galactic, Soulive, and anything Funky



Sam Gunderson and the Cactus Groove

The Goons