To provide the sound that is everywhere, to make that noise which is heard by everyone, everywhere, all the time.  The background tones of our sun, the universe, the frequencies produced by our own earth and waters, the alpha beta guano produced by you and me. 

He guitar, he scream. 
She voice, you cry. 
got I, make smile. 
That sort of thing.

What it all comes down to is expression. Get it On! Jungle on the Prairie. Star City Sausage. Sex on the Train. Anticipate and Regulate. ubiquitone is born of need expressions, desire to see others' made and heard the be. 


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  • Americondition, the sophomore effort, was released in April 2006. It contains 10 originals.
  • The Essex Shuck is our first album. It contains 8 original songs, spans nearly one hour, and is available for order online and at shows. Recorded at Phase Studios (College Park, MD). Release Date: Spring, 2002
  • "Nomad Groove" (demo) named "Tune of the Month" on
  • Audience taping is common and recordings are swapped among traders and fans.


"An infectious blend of roots-based song-writing and expansive grooves." - George Mason University Broadside

"This seven piece group from Washington, DC formed in the fall of 2000 and has been building a solid reputation and following ever since." -

"Ubiquitone is without a doubt one of the best bands to emerge from this area in a long time." - Bill Wright, 103.1 WRNR,

"Give ubiquitone three songs and you'll be convinced there is a festival going on." Greg Roth - Proof Through The Night

Performances and Promotion:

  • A consistent draw in Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia.
  • Regular airplay and a live on-air performance on Bill Wright's popular "Roadtrippin'" radio show on 103.1 WRNR in Annapolis, MD.
  • We offer consistent and aggressive promotions including flyering for local shows and festival performances, CD give-aways, email list, online activity, merchandising, media relations
  • Involved with numerous non-profits and charities (American Whitewater, Proof Through The Night, House of Ruth, Hoop Dreams, West Virginia River Coalition, Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk)
  • Shared the stage with: Widespread Panic, Moe., Rusted Root, Steel Pulse, Leftover Salmon, Cracker, MMW, The Recipe, Ekoostik Hookah, Keller Williams, Bernie Worrell (P-Funk), Donna the Buffalo, All Mighty Senators, Max Creek to name a few

Brett Naylor

  mandolin, vocals

Fred Miller

  organ, piano

Andrew Wright


Rob Carbonello

  bass, vocals

Len Barker
  electric guitar, vocals

Robert Wickham


ps: From the (Nordic?) Scucca meaning "demon"--The Black Shuck is the size of a shaggy black donkey with huge glowing red eyes or a single eye, showering sparks of green or red fire. Some describe it as a monk with a hounds head (funny imagery.) It lives in the salt marshes of the sea itself, emerging only at dusk to patrol the lanes, marshes etc. **There is also something called the Essex Shuck that is benevolent and helps to guide travelers. I like this idea better than an Evil Shuck. Cuz we're not Evil. We're good. The positive vibes of the world and all it has to offer, transcending the soul into the wonderful easy living of the sound that is ubiquitone.